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Maryland Polygraph Association Annual 2-Day Seminar

When: Tuesday, 21 May and Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Where: James N. Robey Public Safety Training Center

2200 Scott Wheeler Drive, Marriottsville, MD 21104

Cost: $125 (members) / $175 (non-members)

*Any questions about current member status can be directed to Treasurer Jeff Johnson (


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Speaker Bios:

Christopher Campbell

Chris has been in law enforcement since 2005 and has investigated cold cases, sexual assaults, homicides, and other significant crimes. In 2010, Chris joined the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (NCSBI) and has been a polygraph operator since 2012, conducting criminal and pre-employment testing while working on criminal cases. Chris spent over a decade as a negotiator.

Chris will briefly overview generations within the workplace and how each differs from the other, focusing on understanding how new generations differ from others when being interviewed. It will also offer ways to go from deceptive responses to soliciting truthful answers, giving examples of new ways Y/Z/Alpha lies compared to previous generations.

Jim Wright

Jim Wright is a Polygraph Examiner with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  A veteran examiner who has presented at past American Polygraph Association and American Association of Police Polygraphists conferences, Jim will present an informative and detailed take on Countermeasures and Test Question Construction.

Andres Lares

Andres Lares has been the Managing Partner and CEO of Shapiro Negotiations Institute since 2017. Prior to this role, Andres served various roles including Chief Innovation Officer where he led the company’s development of technology and content. For over a decade Andres has advised professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL on contract negotiations, trades, and other critical negotiations. He’s also trained and consulted companies from all industries around negotiations and influencing (e.g. Boeing, PwC, Sherwin Williams, TD Bank, Boston Scientific, etc.). He has been featured in publications including HBR, Forbes, CNBC, Entrepreneur, and Sports Business Journal, guest lectures at conferences and institutions around the world, and is an adjunct at Johns Hopkins University. In 2021 Andres co-wrote Persuade, the critically acclaimed and Amazon best-selling book on influencing and persuasion.

This session will be highly engaging and interactive, based on SNI’s Influence Without Authority program, that helps participants understand how decisions are made and how to adjust behavior accordingly in order to be more persuasive. Participants will walk away with a systematic approach to influence others and their decisions, which is based on Aristotle’s teachings from 350 BC, along with practical tips and tools they can put to use in their roles immediately.

Pete Lapp

As a retired special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Pete is highly experienced in the areas of counterintelligence, espionage, economic espionage, and trade secret theft. Over the course of his 22-year career, Pete had notable success in the areas of espionage and economic espionage as an investigator, program manager, and later chief of the economic espionage and PRC espionage units at FBIHQ’s Counterintelligence Division. Notably, Pete was the FBI’s co-case agent of the espionage investigation of Ana Belen Montes, who was arrested ten days after 9/11 for espionage, and sentenced to 25 years for spying for the Cuban Intelligence Service while she worked at the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Pete will present his experiences during the Montes investigation.